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Gundam Evolution Season 4 Will Have Dynames, New Mode

gundam evolution dynames

Gundam Dynames will be sniping all targets in Gundam Evolution. This sniper-oriented mobile suit will appear from Season 4 “Ballista” of the game, which will go live from April 13, 2023. Along with Dynames will be the new game mode “Headquarters,” as well as a new map called “Buried City.” [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Dynames will be the second sniper mobile suit in the game, following the aptly named GM Sniper. Its main weapon is the GN Sniper Rifle, which is capable of hitting all distances. When it uses Trans-am, all of its parameters increase. Like on Gundam 00, Dynames is able to switch its main weapon to fight at any distance.

Last season, Gundam Evolution introduced Gundams from some of the older series. For example, it debuted the Heavyarms Custom [EW] from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It also gave players the Hyperion from Gundam Seed.

The new mode that will appear in Gundam Evolution Ballista is “Headquarters.” You will not be able to play a custom match with these rules. In “Headquarters,” teams fight over a central point and then after a team captures it, it can go to the other team’s base to destroy the core. You can earn points by capturing the point and depleting the core’s HP. The defending team can earn points through protecting the core.

Gundam Evolution is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Season 4 “Ballista,” along with the new “Headquarters” mode and Gundam Dynames, will appear in Gundam Evolution on April 13, 2023.

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