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Gundam Evolution to Get Console Release, Nu Gundam

The console launch of Gundam Evolution will be on December 1, 2022, which will coincide with the beginning of Gundam Evolution season 2. On that day, Bandai Namco will also introduce a new unit to use in Gundam Evolution: the Nu Gundam. The Nu Gundam originates from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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Bandai Namco released a 12-minute long Mission Briefing video to introduce all of the new content. The video includes a brief interview with Kazuya Maruyama, who is a producer for Gundam Evolution. Quite a lot of the video focuses on the Nu Gundam in action, as well as how to utilize the Fin Funnel system.

You can watch the video (with English subtitles) here:

When hitting an enemy with your main gun as the Nu Gundam, you can put a mark on them, with a maximum of two. You can then use your Fin Funnels to shoot at the enemy with a mark. The game encourages you to shoot the enemy at least four times before activating the Fin Funnel so that you can get the most out of them. The Nu Gundam also has the New Hyper Bazooka. While shooting, the Nu Gundam can move in the direction you input. Lastly, it can block ranged attacks with the Fin Funnel Barrier.

Aside from the Nu Gundam, Gundam Evolution will also get a new Colony Trading Post map. It will feature numerous gimmicks. For example, there is a shutter that will open and close at a set interval. There is also a change to the ranked match system. You will be able to unlock new icons and portraits based on your battle records. Finally, the PC version will get a spectator mode. The console versions of Gundam Evolution will get this later.

Gundam Evolution is readily available on Windows PC. It will appear on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One from December 1, 2022. Season 2 will also begin that date, and that will also be when players can choose the Nu Gundam to pilot.

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