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Gundam Musou PS3 Pack Planned


gundam.gifI have to admit that whenever I heard Gundam Musou being announced, my feelings towards the game were mixed with joy and skepticism. A Gundam game that plays like Dynasty Warriors? Assuming it does things right that Dynasty Warriors and its many incarnations has been known to do a bit wrong (i.e. static camera, mediocre controls, no real "change"), the game may just be as awesome as it sounds. How I’ve yearned to hack’n’slash with a Gundam!

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To add more hype to Gundam Musou’s release, which anything Gundam related sells like hot cakes in Japan, IGN announced yesterday that a PS3 Gundam Musou hardware bundle pack will be released in Japan the same day the game is released, March 1st, 2007. The bundle, priced at 69,800 yen which equates to about $577.50USD, will include the 60GB PS3, a copy of the game, 8 Gundam Musou art cards, a Gundam Musou technical file, and a Gundam Musou character file. All of those goodies…who knows if they’re worth the price. Perhaps they are worth it.


Again, Gundam Musou is slated for a Japanese release on March 1st, 2007. If you plan on importing it (god bless region free gaming on the PS3…at least at the will of the developer), tell me how it is.

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