Gundam Zeon Glasses featured inside Zaku head case
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Gundam Zeon Glasses Will Include Zaku Head-Shaped Case

Owndays revealed a new collection of collaboration glasses inspired by the Principality of Zeon from Mobile Suit Gundam. The lineup will consist of glasses and sunglasses colored after Char Aznable and the Zaku II. However, the brand also revealed that it will produce 1/7 scale heads of Char Aznable’s custom Zaku II that can also act as a unique glasses case.

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The case will emulate the Zaku II head’s functionalities. It will include the commander’s antenna which the owner can optionally remove and the mono eye camera that can glow and be moved. When both layers are opened, it will reveal a case that can house up to four pairs of glasses. The promotional webpage also includes a QR code that people worldwide can scan with their mobile devices to spawn an AR model of the head.

The big case will be available on its own at ¥49,500 (~$318). Owndays is also offering bundles that include extra pairs of glasses and sunglasses. The ‘Char’ Collection featuring red glasses and the ‘Zeon’ Collection colored after the regular Zaku II’s khaki will each cost ¥63,450 (~$407.35). The complete ‘Perfect’ Collection will include all four items with a grand total of ¥82,350 (~$528.65).

Owndays has also uploaded a trailer showing a CG model of the Zaku head glasses case:

People who cannot afford the pricey Zaku head case can also opt to buy just the glasses with regular Zeon-branded cases at more affordable prices. The glasses will be available individually at ¥13,000 (~$83.50), while the sunglasses will cost even less at ¥8,000 (~$51.35).

There have been more releases of unique merchandise themed after the Gundam franchise, especially the Universal Century titles that feature Amuro Ray and Char Aznable. Earlier in 2024, Bandai revealed acrylic stands and plates of Universal Century faction and pilot logos that can glow in the dark. It has also released mechanical busts of the Sazabi from Char’s Counterattack via Gashapon.

Public sales for the Mobile Suit Gundam-themed Principality of Zeon glasses and Char Aznable’s Zaku II head glasses case will open on May 17, 2024. However, pre-orders for the items are also available immediately, and Owndays may end the sales earlier if it has run out of stock.

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