GungHo’s President On 100% Fun And Having Fun Making Games


Kazuki Morishita, president of GungHo Online Entertainment, conducted a panel at GDC today, titled: “100% Fun: Keeping Players Engaged”. GungHo, as you may know, is the company that owns Grasshopper Manufacture, Acquire and Gravity, the developers of Ragnarok Online.


At the panel, Morishita discussed his belief that games should be 100% fun and no less. Even if a game were to not make money, Morishita would have no regrets if it was 100% fun, he said. A game being just 80% or 90% fun is when he would have regrets.


This is part of GungHo’s company culture, Morishita says. He wants to make sure all of the company’s developers are having fun. Last year, the Gungho staff joined Japan’s first Samba festival in Asakusa and spent two months practicing for it. GungHo will be participating in the Samba festival again this year.


Spencer and Ishaan