Gunpoint Creator Shows Off Spaceship Infiltration Game



After releasing stealth-based puzzle platformer Gunpoint, Tom Francis started work on his next game called Heat Signature, and after a few months of work it’s starting to come together.


To show off how the game is looking, Francis released a new “trailer,” although it’s more of a 9-minute preview than a trailer. You can watch it above.


Heat Signature is a game all about completing missions that involve latching on to large spaceships, and either assassinating a target, or stealing something from inside, or hijacking the whole ship and driving it to a client.


All the ships and missions are randomly generated, so you’ll have to pick up the layout of each ship on the fly as you infiltrate them, armed with a wrench and probably a gun. On board, you can pick up loot and upgrades for your ship, hijack the ship’s computer system to open and close doors, and take over mounted turrets to fire rockets to the outside of the ships.


Something new that Francis shows off in the trailer above is what happens when you’re shot in the game. Once put down by gunfire, Francis’s character is chucked out of the spaceship he had invaded, at which point he’s given a limited time to remote pilot his own ship to catch his body before it loses too much blood, and he dies.


Once Heat Signature is finished it will be coming to Windows PCs. It may also be coming to other platforms but that much hasn’t been decided yet. You can follow its development on its website.

Chris Priestman