Guns & Movement Are Mapped To The Same Button In Shmup Switch ‘N’ Shoot



Saving the planet from alien invasion might have been a little easier had the engineers of your ship not mapped movement and weaponry to the same single button in Switch ‘N’ Shoot, a shmup looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.




Players can only move left or right in Switch ‘N’ Shoot, and can only do so when they fire their gun. Every single time they fire will result in moving in the opposite direction, so players will be bouncing back and forth across the screen, taking careful aim with each shot and considering where that will send them in reference to the next enemy that’s creeping down.




Players can collect coins to make their weapons stronger as well, splitting them into multiple shots or creating a cutting, endless beam after collecting five without dying. Each time you’re killed will mean the end of a separate named pilot, though, that has been created by the game’s silly name generator.




A preview of the game is available to download from

Alistair Wong
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