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Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX Introduces Lola’s Idol, Awakened, And Darkness Trigger Forms


lola 1

The official website for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX has been updated with a closer look at Lola’s three Muse forms – Idol Mode, Awakened Mode, and Darkness Mode.


Check it out below:

Idol Mode

lola 2

Lola will transform into this mode when Copen’s “Kudos” score breaks 1000 points. The stage BGM song will change to a vocal track performed by Lola, and Copen will have access to powered-up versions of his abilities called “Overdrive (OD) Abilities”.


idol 1

Unlock Overdrive Abilities by spending in-game credits earned during missions.


idol 2

While transformed, Lola will sing one of seven possible songs, and activate Copen’s OD abilities.


Awakened Mode


When Copen’s HP reaches zero, there is a small chance that Lola’s “Anthem” ability will trigger and transform her into this mode. While in Awakened Mode, she will perform her single “Igniter” and fully restore Copen’s HP. Copen will also be able to freely perform his Bullit Dash and use his OD Abilities even if he does not have 1000 Kudos points.


awakened 1

awakened 2

awakened 3

awakened 4

While being in this state pushes Copen’s power beyond his normal capabilities,the drawback is that no matter how well he does on the mission, his score will be reduced to zero.


awakened 5 awakened 6

The chances of “Anthem” awakening is directly tied to Copen’s mental state, so if you decide to talk to Kohaku and the others before heading out on a mission, you may have a better chance of it activating.


Listen to ‘Igniter’ below:


Darkness Mode

darkness 1

Lola can activate “Darkness Trigger” by utilizing the power of a lightning Septima. This makes her “AB Drive” engine go berserk, which overrides her systems and pushes all of her specs beyond their utmost capabilities.

While in Darkness Mode, she will perform her single “Beyond Probability” and give Copen unlimited energy for his EX Weapons. However, Copen will only be able to attack enemeies he is locked-on to, and he will continuously take damage whenever he is not locked-on to an enemy.

Furthermore, since Lola is completely berserk while in this state, she will be unable to provide any navigational assistance.


darkness 1

darkness 2

darkness 3 darkness 4

While in Darkness Mode, EX Weapons will look quite different.


darkness 5 darkness 6

The EX Weapon “Anchor Nexus” will strike the targeted enemy three times.


Here’s Beyond Probability below:


In related news, Copen’s design sheet for Luminous Avenger iX was released today, which you can find below:

copen 1


Here are Lola’s other songs that have been revealed below:

Countdown: 3-2-1-0


Luminous Promise


Finally, Luminous Avenger iX was showcased at 4Gamer’s stream at TGS 2019, where you can find a look at all three modes of Lola in gameplay below (starts at 5:11:03 mark):


Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 26, 2019.

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