GunZ 2: The Second Duel Looks As Stylish As Ever

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Everyone has their favorite kind of sword or gun. It could be a long, curved katana or perhaps a shorter but no less deadly shortsword. Whatever your poison, GunZ 2: The Second Duel is probably going to be able to scratch that itch.


The online multiplayer game is a direct sequel to GunZ: The Duel—a game I feel old talking about having played through it nearly a decade ago—and has players running around large set-piece battle arenas trying to slice and dice other players into itty bitty pieces. Or, if they refuse to stand still, shooting them into itty bitty pieces. It’s our in the U.S. on Steam Early Access after mucking around in South Korea for the last few years in beta.


The sequel doesn’t really fall that far from the tree, being generally the same thing but with more of everything. The new character classes, game modes, maps and more ensure that if you played the first one (which closed shortly after the announcement of the sequel), you’ll be more or less at home. What was always cool with this game was giving players the feeling that they were real action heroes, able to high jump and run vertically up walls before stabbing a sword into them to wall hang and wait in ambush, or combo swords and guns into a beautiful array of moves.



There are three classes available at launch: the Silent Avenger, Gun Slinger and Shield Trooper, with more to be added as developers add on to the game, alongside some 200 different weapons of both the gun and sword variety split into 13 categories. That’s… quite impressive actually. There’s even a campaign mode against AI Bots.


GunZ 2: The Second Duel is available for PC on Steam via Early Access right now.

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