Gust Celebrates Surge Concerto’s 7th Anniversary With Director Message And Events To Come

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Gust has opened a site that celebrates the Surge Concerto series, which reaches its 7th anniversary this year. The first game, Ciel Nosurge, originally released for the PlayStation Vita in 2012, and the sequel, Ar Nosurge, came out in 2014 with a 2015 localization by Koei Tecmo.


Director and producer of the Surge Concerto series Akira Tsuchiya left a message, talking about the series. The reason why the number 7 is special is because it’s the number of dimensions Ciel from Ciel Nosurge had to pass through in order to meet the player via the 7th Gate. Tsuchiya talked about how he was happy he could celebrate the 7th anniversary of “first contact” with the series.


surge concerto 2

As for what is planned for the anniversary celebration, there will be various commemoration content and events, and more. The first commemoration content is the making of special metal charms with Ciel wearing various costumes. Fans with MyGustIDs are able to vote for which seven make the cut.


Apart from this event, it seems that Gust has at least two other things planned, but director Tsuchiya made sure to note that there is no real end date for the celebration, even after April 26 which was when Ciel Nosurge came out. If fans are willing to support Gust, they can continue on with more content to celebrate the anniversary beyond what has been originally planned.


You can find the website via the link here.


Ciel noSurge was released for PlayStation Vita in 2012, and later got an Offline version. Ar noSurge was released on PlayStation 3, then got an enhanced port to Vita called Ar noSurge Plus.

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