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.hack 20th Anniversary Art Book and Soundtrack Goes on Sale

.hack 20th anniversary

A new art book and music album celebrating CyberConnect2’s .hack series’ 20th Anniversary is now on sale. The book is titled Game Art Works .hack//20th Vol. 1, and the album is called LieN – .hack//20th Best (Vol. 1 to Vol. 3). Additionally, a special “anniversary fair” promotion is being held through February 8, 2023. The promo provides discounts on 5 .hack-related ebooks. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The .hack 20th Anniversary art book series will come in three volumes, although only the first is available now. It will contain a collection of art from the main series, which consists of the four volumes of .hack: .hack//Infection, .hack//Mutation, .hack//Outbreak, and .hack//Quarantine. The art will include package and promotional illustrations from Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, who worked on the series and provided character designs. The books will also publish many pieces being collected for the first time, including work from Guilty Dragon and New World, two related mobile titles that ended service in 2016.

The .hack 20th anniversary art book is available from CyberConnect2’s online store, which can arrange for international shipping. The book itself costs 3,850 Yen (about $30 USD), but also comes in a Deluxe edition that includes a tote bag, art standee, button, and banner hanging for 11,000 Yen (about $85 USD).

The soundtracks collect songs from LieN, the official music group of CyberConnect2. LieN composed and performed many of the songs from the series and subseries. The collection is a “best of” set, gathering songs performed by LieN from across the franchise, including theme songs from .hack//GU Last Recode. The total track list contains 37 pieces across the three volumes. Each volume of the 3-volume collection costs 2,750 Yen (about $22 USD) on CyberConnect2’s online store.

The .hack 20th anniversary art book and music album are on sale in Japan. The games are available across various platforms, including PlayStation 2, PSP, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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