Hack Reality Or Find Love When Else Heart.Break() Arrives On September 24th

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Erik Svedang has announced that else Heart.Break() will be out for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam and the Humble Store on September 24th.


It’s a 3D adventure game that lets you help new arrival Sebastian find his place in the technologically-driven city of Dorisburg. The idea is to explore, talk to people, and find where Sebastian (and yourself) fit into this new place.


“Among a strange collection of people, hackers and activists he finds some true friends – perhaps even love. But can they stop the terrible deeds of the people ruling the city? And who will get their heart broken in the end?” teases the game’s description.


The main appeal of else Heart.Break() is probably that it fully simulates its city. There are everyday objects to interact with and computers to hack into with and lots of people who go about their day on their own accord. If you talk to them, you can steadily piece together how the “reality of the game can be changed through programming and how any problem can be solved in whatever way you find suitable.”


But you don’t have to do that. If you wish you can just chill out, fall in love with someone, and head to the café for a coffee. It’s up to you.

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