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Hakoniwa Company Works’ System Trailer Details Its Worlds, Classes, And Skills



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Nippon Ichi Software released a new trailer for their tactical RPG, Hakoniwa Company Works, with a system trailer that highlights its different worlds, its five classes, and different types of skills.


The video starts with a look at the kind of worlds you can visit in the game. Your goal is to bring smiles to people by completing requests, gathering items, or taking out bullies at times.


We then get to see the five jobs of Hakoniwa Company Works with the all-rounder Boss, the fighting specialist Attacker, the ally supporter Rounder, the Bowler class that specializes in map damage, and the Carry that focuses on gathering materials.


Next, we’re introduced to various skills that come in active and passive varieties. Skills can do anything from break blocks on the map, provide buffs, and more to give yourself the advantage.


Each world has its own unique characteristics with different NPCs to meet and enemies to fight. There are also different blocks that break easier while using certain tools or weapons, kind of like how enemies can be weak to certain types of weapons. You’ll need to keep that in mind while working on your party setup before going into action.


Hakoniwa Company Works releases in Japan on July 13, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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