HAL Egg’s Turtle-Racing Game Housuu de Shoubu! Kame Sanpo Releases Today


housuu de sanpo 1

After a surprisingly short week of waiting, HAL Labs announced today that their latest HAL Egg game, Housuu de Shoubu! Kame Sanpo is now available for download on iOS and Android.


As previously mentioned, this game has players racing against turtles of many sorts (some which don’t look like turtles at all) using the smartphone pedometer, in order to win against and become friends with them. There are also a variety of items to use to help you out if you can’t spare the time for the exercise, though this aspect will have microtransaction elements.


You can check out the first trailer for the game in our previous post here.


Housuu de Shoubu! Kame Sanpo is now available in Japan as a free to play title for iOS and Android. The game’s Western release has not been decided upon yet.

Alistair Wong
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