HAL Laboratory Recruiting Staff For A New Kirby Project



HAL Laboratory is recruiting staff for the development of a new Kirby project. The recruitment asks candidates if they’d like to make a new Kirby from a studio where you can see Mount Fuji.


The purpose of the recruitment is to get new staff to enhance the development power for a brand-new Kirbyu series project. Those interested can apply starting today through September 26, 2019. They’re currently in need of programmers and designers of different kinds, project manager, and more.


HAL Laboratory wants to recruit those who want an environment that allows them to immerse themselves while developing, enjoy working everything down to the small details, and those with plenty of experience in development with technical skills.


What makes this interesting is that we don’t really see these kinds of recruitments for Kirby, so it sounds like they’re planning something big or different for the series.

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