After three years of work, Lumenox Games is bringing hand-drawn action-platformer Aaru’s Awakening out on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on February 24th. The release dates for PS3 and PS4 will be announced later.


Most striking about Aaru’s Awakening is its art style, but that’s not to say that it has nothing else going for it – if you’re a fan of challenging, fast-paced platforming then it should have plenty to offer.


You play as Aaru, a mythical creature that is able to teleport and dash to get across the dangerous land of Lumenox and defeat an evil entity. The teleportation ability is the crux of the game as it’s used to avoid hazards and travel short distances quickly. And you really will have to be quick and accurate when aiming Aaru for teleportation – previous demos of the game proved to be demanding.



Aaru’s Awakening will be sold with a 15 percent discount during its first week. A new trailer is available to watch above and, if you wish, you can keep an eye on its Steam page already.

Chris Priestman

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