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Hands-On C. Viper And She-Hulk, Two Of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3’s Heavy Hitters



As a contrast to the Hulk, She-Hulk, one of the new characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, is quite agile. She can rush towards an enemy with a dash. While this leaves you open, She-Hulk can follow up with a punching combo, which reminded me a bit of Sakura, if she were big and green.


For anti-air attacks, She-Hulk has a somersault kick. Unlike Guile’s flash kick, She-Hulk’s kick goes higher, but doesn’t have as much horizontal range. She-Hulk doesn’t have a projectile attack, so you have to keep your opponent close by. If an opponents starts tossing fireballs, She-Hulk can confuse another player by jumping back and bouncing off a wall before striking with a jump kick. One other idea I had, but didn’t get the timing right was to slide through projectiles. She-Hulk has a slide kick and a slide punch. You need to get some speed with her dash move to trigger the punch, but that puts She-Hulk on the ground, perhaps enough to duck under a Hadouken.




She-Hulk can easily combo into one of her supers. As long as you’re close in range, the hyper combo that begins with a double kick to the face is easy to connect. Since they’re so different, She-Hulk vs. M.O.D.O.K. fights should be interesting to see.


Crimson Viper, aka C. Viper, comes from Street Fighter IV is an extremely versatile character with a wide Burning Kick and fast Thunder Knuckle. What makes C. Viper unique is she brings that gameplay system into Marvel vs. Capcom 3. All of her special attacks have a more powerful EX version that you can trigger by doing the same motion and hitting two buttons.


EX moves may seem costly since they consume a super bar, but they give C. Viper more options. Her Burning Kick, for example, takes up a ton of screen real estate and an opponent won’t know if you’re using an EX Burning Attack or a regular one. C. Viper can also fly across the screen with her air dash, a useful move if you want to extend combos before launching an opponent into mid-air. Two of her supers are also extended combos, which can be chained if an opponent is on the ground.


If you want to get more technical, you can use C. Viper’s focus move (attack + partner) for a quick counter. Feints are also in the game. These can be done by doing the special move motion and ending with attack + partner. In the hands of a skilled player, C. Viper has to be deadly. Her unique Street Fighter IV moves give C. Viper a different edge in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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