Wii U

Hands On Footage Of Sonic Lost World Shows Sonic’s Stylish Parkour


4Gamer had some hands-on time with upcoming Sonic Lost World at Tokyo Game Show, which series producer Takashi Iizuka previously said will be “different from everything before”. The full-3D (with some 2D stages), go anywhere gameplay is almost a full-circle of learning from Sonic X-Treme to Super Mario Galaxy and now Lost Worlds.



The video has no sound, unfortunately, but does show off Sonic’s ability to hang and climb back up from overhangs—a boon considering the 3D world—a quick time-trial section (which the player fails and then passes on) as well as the Wisp power of what looks like Cyan Laser. Directional control for the power was done on the Wii U’s controller. Did you spot the spin dash?


Sonic Lost Worlds is scheduled for a October 22 release in North America, and October 18th in Europe for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS.