What Happens When An RPG Hero Wants To Quit Being The Hero?



I’ve had it. I quit. No more, Ishaan! No more! I’m leaving, right now! Oh, er… I have to escape the room first? Drat! Foiled again!


That pretty much sums up the mobile game A Certain Hero’s Escape (Which has nothing to do with A Certain Magical Index or anything else from that animated series).



The game at first looks like an RPG, with its protagonist as your titular Hero. He’s had it, though, with this whole “Being a Hero” business, and wants out. Unfortunately for him, he has to escape the Walled City first. A Certain Hero’s Escape, therefore, is really more of an escape-the-room title, with all that the genre encapsulates translated into an 8-bit style game.



Now translated into English, the Hero spouts off pithy, pointed, and funny thoughts as he tries to just get outta town. The music is also faithfully chiptune-like, for a feeling of how such a game could’ve felt like way back when.


A Certain Hero’s Escape is out now on iOS.