Happiness Drops! Brings Magical Girl Powers To Falling Block Puzzles

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Happiness Drops! brings the magical girls of Happiness! to the puzzle genre, having the magical girls use their sorcerous powers to make matching falling blocks a little easier.


Happiness Drops! requires players match sets of three blocks as chunks of them continually fall down from the top of the screen. Making these matches will cause them to disappear, ensuring there is more room for the next set that’s tumbling down. Players will be trying to do this against an opponent, looking to see who can do it the longest.

Players won’t just be matching blocks, though, as each of the game’s playable characters has their own special powers that can help make clearing their board easier, or mess with their opponents. These powers are charged by making matches, so making matches as quickly as possible (or chaining multiple matches together) will help players get a leg up on their opponents.


Happiness Drops! features an Endless mode where players can battle a constant series of opponents, a local Versus mode for fighting family, and a story mode for those who wish to know more about the magical girls or Happiness!. The developers say that players don’t need any past experience with the anime or visual novel to appreciate this new story, although it does enhance it.

Happiness Drops! is available now on Steam.

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