Happy Final Fantasy XV Day! Here’s A Look At All Of Its Official Countdown Artwork

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The release of Final Fantasy XV is finally upon us, and we’ve seen some nice daily artwork from various members of the art team leading up to the big day. Here’s a look at all of them to celebrate the game’s launch.



Takeshi Honjo’s piece showing Weskham Armaugh at age 23, Regis Lucis Caelum at age 20, Clarus Amicitia at age 25, and good ol’ Cid at age 47.



Young Noctis by Final Fantasy XV art director Isamu Kamikokuryo.



An elegant drawing of Aranea Highwind by the art team’s Kentarou Kimura.



A sketch featuring Noctis and Lunafreya by artist Mizushi Sugawara.



The lovely Gentiana looking comfy on a giant Cactuar plush by Final Fantasy XV’s 2D artist Kaoru Kawaguchi.



Chihiro Hashi from the art team shows Umbra having a bit of trouble getting that notebook to Noctis.



Iris and Cindy hanging out by the custom Regalia by Final Fantasy XV artist Yusaku Nakaaki.



A super cute image of the four bros by Final Fantasy XV artist Kouta Niihara.



A piece from Final Fantasy XV’s art director and team chef Tomohiro Hasegawa.



Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV art director Kenji Niki’s piece showing Nyx, Lunafreya, King Regis, and others.



Noctis looking cool in the piece by Final Fantasy XV art director Yusuke Naora.



And last but not least, here’s one for the release date by Final Fantasy XV artist Yuki Matsuzawa.


Happy Final Fantasy XV day!

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