Hard West Brings Tactical Turn-Based Shootouts To The Western


Hard West will be coming out for Windows and Mac through Steam on November 4th. It’s already available to pre-order.


It’s a supernatural western following a man who makes black pacts in order to seek revenge against those who wronged him. The result is a world in which demons roam, the undead have risen, and satanic cults wander the arid lands.


While there are eight story-based scenarios to beat (and 40 combat missions), the focus of the game isn’t its narrative, instead it’s the tactical turn-based battles. In them, you control one to four squad members who are keen gunslingers but also call upon mystical powers.


When battling, other than thinking about which attacks to launch next, you’ll want to search for places to take cover, spot shadows to locate out-of-sight enemies, and looking for opportunities to shoot round corners by ricocheting bullets on metal objects.

Chris Priestman