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Hardcore Mecha Adds a new Simulation Mode & More in Simultaneous Update


Rocket Punch Games’ mecha action title Hardcore Mecha has gotten a new update to coincide with the game’s PlayStation 4 release earlier this week. The update adds in a new mode, the ability to freely reinforce equipment, and more.

The star of the update is the new Simulation Mode, which has players taking on waves of enemies in one of the game’s many mechs. It’s essentially a survival mode that’ll surely provide a challenge to those looking for something tougher.

To unlock Simulation Mode, you’ll need to beat the main campaign first.

Another part of the update are a whole new bunch of usable mecha that can be developed further into stronger variants. These consist of mecha you might have seen in Campaign Mode being used by NPCs or enemies.

Finally, using simulation points earned in battle, you can develop your mecha and its weapons further into stronger versions. Some mecha are only unlocked via upgrading a previous mecha in this manner.

All of this can be viewed in the trailer above.

Hardcore Mecha is available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. The game’s Ver. 1.09 update is now available.

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