Hardcore Mecha To Come Out Summer 2019 In Asia, Published By Arc System Works

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Rocket Punch Games and Arc System Works announced today that they are working together to publish Hardcore Mecha in Asian regions, including Korea, Japan, and East Asia on Steam and PS4.


This is the first time we’ve gotten a release window of some sort, as previously it has only been announced for a general 2019 release. Rocket Punch Games stated in their Kickstarter update that they are still going through the release process for other regions, so we’ll likely see more info on that in the near future.


Here’s the prologue of the game’s story mode, from Arc System Work’s site:

A.D. 2221

It has been 30 years since the end of the civil war. Thanks to the efforts of the New International Confederation, human society has been united, leading to a new, prosperous age.


Furthermore, the New International Confederation has, using the research of the past 100 years, developed interplanetary travel between Earth and Mars by using the natural wormhole, “WM-01”. Thanks to this, the issue of resources on Earth should have been solved. However, with the increased need for resources to rebuild after the war, the NIC applied heavy pressure on the Martian colonies, sowing the seeds of another conflict.


hardcore mecha 3

When the NIC saw the signs of an upcoming rebellion on Mars, they swiftly sent the U.N.F. garrison unit, a military organization under their command, to Mars to take care of the matter, while using policy to satiate the dissatisfaction that was the cause for rebellion.

However, it was already too late. With the help of several organizations, the unemployed, dropouts, extremists, and mercenaries formed an illegal military group, and began to amass power. Hiding in the shadows of the Martian colonies, they waited for the right moment to bare their fangs…


Hardcore Mecha comes out on PC via Steam, and PlayStation 4, in Asia in Summer 2019. The game will be released in the West later on as well. You can check out the latest trailer via our previous post here.

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