Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Appears To Have A Bit In Common With Pokemon GO

Niantic has offered a better look at some of the gameplay elements that will be found in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the augmented reality game for Android and Apple iOS devices. People who install the game on their devices will become Ministry of Magic and the International Confederation of Wizard Statute of Secrecy Task Force members. Their job will be to collect magical Foundables in the Muggle world and send them back to the Wizarding world by chasing them down.

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In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players take on magical Professions, to get different spells and skills. The three mentioned on the official website were Aurors, Magizoologists, and Professors. These jobs can use their different in-battle abilities to help in fights at Fortresses against fights against Death Eaters and Dementors. It sounds like these will be similar to Pokemon GO gym battles, right down to some of them being like raids where multiple people can gather together to fight.


in-phone_registry As for the Foundables, Traces of Magic will sometimes appear on the map. Confoundable magic may try to throw people off, requiring people to keep their Spell Energy high and use Spells to break through and find Foundables like artefacts, magical creatures, memories from the Harry Potter series, and recognizable characters. Collecting them will help explain why The Calamity caused all of these items to show up in the real world. There will also be Portkeys, which you reach by unlocking Portmanteaus, to get a look into iconic Harry Potter locations.


It also seems like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will have Poke Stop-like areas, except here it sounds like they will be Inns. When people go there, they can acquire items that restore Spell Energy. There will also be Greenhouses and potion ingredients found on the map, which will let you craft energy-restoring items.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will appear on Android and Apple iOS devices in 2019. Preregistration has begun on Google Play.

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