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Harvest December Brings A Love Story To Japanese 3DSes Next Week



Small Novel” Harvest December is a downloadable Nintendo 3DS visual novel game from developers Flyhigh Works, that will be released in Japan for just 100 yen ($1). It tells the tale of Masaki Konno, a Tokyo-bred boy whose life is suddenly uprooted as he’s forced to move to a heavily snow-laden backwater country town.



Here, he discovers that both Gods and mankind live in relative peace and harmony, with a female God called Shiro who rides a wolf as one of his encounters. And takes an interest in Masaki. Alongside this God is one of the town authorities’ daughter – Towada Yuki.


It’s love at first sight for Masaki and Towada both… but how will the events play out, and will they be together at the end? Or will Shiro come into play? With the game/novel only covering the one month of December, you’d best choose your decision well to decide in what reads like a likely heart-wrencher of a story.


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At just 100 yen, we imagine the game will entice a fair few 3DS owners in Japan. Harvest December will be out on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan December 18th.