Harvest December is a series of Japanese visual novels that started out on PC and was then ported to the Nintendo 3DS over the last year. Now, the 3DS ports are being translated for release in the West.


Last year, Circle Entertainment, who worked with Flyhigh Works to release the games on the Nintendo eShop, said to Siliconera that they were considering localizing the series for release in the West, but that nothing was set in stone yet. Then, this morning, Circle tweeted that localization is confirmed.


Harvest December consists of 13 games or chapters, and a single chapter was released every month in Japan. Circle Entertainment CEO Chris Chau informed Siliconera that the West will probably not see monthly releases like Japan did, and also revealed that localization has only just begun, so it will be a couple of months until we see the first chapter.


We’ll have more news on Harvest December as it is revealed. In the meantime, you can learn a little more about the series here.


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