Natsume recently ran a Facebook/Twitter Q&A session with some of their fans, and while a lot of you likely already know the answers to a lot of the questions that were asked, one interesting tidbit caught our eye.


The question and Natsume’s reply follow below:


What is the best-selling Harvest Moon game?

The overall best-selling Harvest Moon game is Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo GameCube.  Others games in the series have come close, but none have topped the first Harvest Moon game for the GameCube.


Note that it isn’t clear whether “Harvest Moon game” refers only to the Harvest Moon series or whether Natsume are including Rune Factory under the same brand.


Natsume also say in a separate reply that they’ll always pursue niche, family-friendly titles with the potential for growth, so don’t expect to see them publishing M-rated games.


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