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Harvest Moon: Connect To A New Land Has All Kinds Of Tiny Elves


The tiny magical elf-like creatures known as “Harvest Sprites” have been around to help farmers since the beginning of the Harvest Moon series. Marvelous AQL introduces us to the five Harvest Sprites we’ll be meeting in Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land, in an update on the game.




This Harvest Sprite is easy-going, and quite the glutton. He loves to eat and can often be seen with food in his mouth. He often gets scolded by the other Harvest Sprite, Beth, when he steals a bite while she’s cooking.





Hot-blooded! Effort! Guts! These are the three things this fiery Harvest Sprite lives by. Unlike Torque’s serious and steady nature, Cust always gives it everything he’s got. However, he’s very serious when it comes to not cutting corners.




Torque is always calm, composed, and is considered the smartest of the Harvest Sprites. He seems to have a lot of knowledge about everything, from studies to rumors about other people. They even say that he’s so well-informed, that there’s nothing he doesn’t know about the neighborhood.


However, unlike Cust, Torque doesn’t seem to have the physical capabilities to accomplish certain work.




Flat is an honest, kind and curious Harvest Sprite. He takes good care of those around him, and is a leader-type who likes going around looking for new buddies. He also likes rare things. He also seems to be in charge of cleaning a certain spring.




Beth is gentle, relaxed, and ladylike, but she can be a bit of a klutz at times. She’s always smiling, but you might catch her saying some rough things and shrugging it off with a smile.


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will be released on February 27, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

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