How Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land Makes Farming Easier

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In Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land, you’ll be working hard as usual, to take care of various crops and livestock. As you know, things can get pretty tedious when you have so much going on at once, but some of the new features Famitsu shows in a recent preview of the game just might make you a happy rancher.


In the above images, you see the player planting turnips in the 3×3 grid crops. While this may not seem like a big deal to those of you who are new to the series, in Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land you’ll be able to pull them all out at once, which will make the harvesting process much less time-consuming.



The zoom-in feature will also be available, which is shown in the above image, where the player is giving her cow “Hanako” a good brushing.


We previously reported that you’ll be able to custom make different objects and buildings once you make a workshop for your ranch. The above images show the player setting up her “Island-style” kitchen, where she’ll likely be spending her time cooking up all those turnips.


Swimming in rivers and lakes will be one of the new features in Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land. In addition to spending your day gathering rocks and wood in the mountains, you’ll also be able to gather different things by diving into rivers.


There will be more than just small fish and shells, as you’ll be able to catch giant squids and octopi in the nearby waters, too.



This time, you won’t be the only farmer, as there will be others who’ll be there to help you out in the village. Some of them, like Edda, will be kind and helpful, while others like Elise will show a bit more of a competitive edge when it comes to farming.


Don’t worry too much about Elise’s taunting, though. You’ll be able to show her who’s the better rancher through various competitions that the village will host.


You’ll be able to check out the locations of their crops in addition to a list of the food they’re growing. However, as the image on the right says “Let’s not take other people’s crops,” so you won’t be able to pull any fast ones.


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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