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Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Gets Its Latest Screenshots



    Natsume has shared new screenshots from their upcoming title Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. The screenshots were taken specifically from the iOS version of the game. However, it is being developed for Android, PC and the Wii U, as well.



    tumblr_inline_nyou1q0jaa1swxnxp_1280 tumblr_inline_nyou134PER1swxnxp_1280

    All versions of the game will feature the familiar staples of past titles in the Harvest Moon series, including farming, foraging, fishing, mining, cooking, and relationships.


    Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will release for the Nintendo Wii U, Windows PC, Apple iOS, and Android this Winter. The iOS version of the game is expected to release first, with a tentative release date of late December or early January, while the Android release will happen 2 months after that.


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