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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s DLC Love Interests Are Easier To Woo


lost valley andreaIt’s taken me a while to get to this point, but I have some valuable information to share with my fellow farmers. Last month, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley received bachelor and bachelorette DLC. For $1.49 each, someone could add Andrea the clockmaker or Luke the medicine man to their game. If your farmer is single when you buy one of them, you can start trying to win the character over.


Surprisingly, it’s easier to win the love of the DLC bachelor and bachelorette than the ones included in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Perhaps it’s a "reward" for spending extra money on them? I’m not sure, but let’s go over the differences between them.


The core wooing process remains the same in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley and will take quite some time. (Hence this article coming a month later.) You have to wait for the characters to visit the valley, speak to them every time they do to raise chemistry, and hold out for the Personal Requests to make larger strides in improving their relationships.


It would seem as though Andrea and Luke would be more difficult at this point. Included candidates, let’s use Catherine and Gilbert as examples, show up in the valley four times a week. Andrea and Luke are only there three days a week.


lost valley luke  However, the other love interests will be typically in the area from five to six hours. Both Andrea and Luke will be there at least six hours, and two of those days remain stationary in one area. 2/3 times, you’ll find Andrea in Moon Valley or Luke next to your house. Not having to waste time wandering around is a big help.


As does their simpler requests for Personal Requests. This is a bit of a double edged sword, as you earn more chemistry for completing these tasks than you do from daily conversation. But, the fact that Andrea and Luke have fewer requests with more realistic needs than the 10 each for the other love interests means you can run through them quicker, getting that chemistry boost to unlock their four love events. What’s the good of having 10 requests for a character like April when almost half of them involve random or time consuming mutations?


Andrea has four requests, and Luke seven. The former only needs basic lumber and, at the end, bronze, all easily found during daily runs. You might even already have them by the time she needs them, due to usual activities. Luke only wants basic crops in groups of five, meaning all you need to do is buy some seeds from Sam, do some planting, and bask in his love.


It felt like it took much less time to win Luke’s heart than it did Gilbert’s in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Maybe it was because my second character was already established. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t running around trying to find him. All I know is, Luke seemed easier to love. Unfortunately, once you do get him, the thrill of the hunt wears off really quickly. Like all of the valley’s NPCs, his dialogue is rather limited and the romance is over once you’ve seen his few love events.


Both Andrea and Luke will be immediately available in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories when it comes to the Wii U, PC, and mobile

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