Hatoful Boyfriend Creator’s Next Visual Novel Is A Crime Drama



Hato Moa, the creator of Hatoful Boyfriend, has revealed her next visual novel. It’s to be a crime drama set in London in 1889 called Black Holmes.


Not much is known about Black Holmes right now but it is known that you play as a detective called Noah Holmes who is an atheist and logician.


A new website for the game has just gone live. It will contain information on the game’s world, characters, and and forthcoming episodes. Right now it doesn’t have much and it’s only in Japanese but it will be added to and get an English version over time.


“Some of you know I got out of condition a few years ago. (That’s the reason why I couldn’t work on as many projects as I’d done before!),” Hato Moa said when revealing the website. “I’m almost recovering from illness and back to my projects. I’ll keep telling you the progress.”

Chris Priestman