Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star’s Radio Segments Are A Great Place To Start

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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star is basically a digital fandisc filled with additional stories starring the cast of the bird dating game. Players will get to unlock the additional adventures of Hiyoko and the birdies as they get into the holiday spirit and enjoy a break from St. Pigeonations. However, that might not be where you want to start. Instead, you may want to go through the six radio episodes first.


Listing them under a Radio heading is a little misleading. There’s no voice acting, and it’s still in the visual novel format. It is set up like a talk radio show, though, with Ryouta answering “viewers’” questions. Think of them as an opportunity to learn a little more about the series, story, and characters.


The primary mission of Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star’s radio segments is to provide more in-universe information. All other cast members, aside from Hiyoko, appear to answer questions about themselves and the game. For example, Nageki’s, one of the only characters to not have a Tanabata wish, reveals what his would have been. Ryouta shows off another costume he would wear at the maid cafe. There’s even some discussion about Bad Boys Love spoilers. (Don’t worry, as all spoilers are marked.)


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What I found most interesting about this Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star bonus was the inclusion of practical information. For example, did you know Okosan is a real bird? He’s based on Hato Moa’s dove. All pictures of him seen in-game were taken by the developer. There are even some tips for people who might want to buy an Okosan of their own to keep as a pet, which was a nice bonus.


There are also facts about the other birds. For example, did you know that Chukar partridges take dustbaths? They do so to clean parasites off of themselves. Dr. Iwamine claims he doesn’t engage in such archaic behavior. Still, the thought of seeing him frolicking in the dust is an adorable image.


Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star is immediately available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. It’s a visual novel, but of the kinetic variety. That means the player doesn’t make any decisions as they play and follow a linear storyline.

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