Hatsune Miku Team Ups With The Band That Did Final Fantasy Type-0’s Theme Song



Bump of Chicken is a pretty famous band in Japan, having featured their music in dramas and video games. Some of that list includes Final Fantasy Type-0, where they performed the theme song “Zero”, in addition to their work on One Piece and Tales of the Abyss.


Their latest single, RAY has a collaboration music video version with the virtual idol herself, Hatsune Miku, and it’s perfect for getting ready for the weekend.


It’s also pretty interesting to think how far Miku’s come, and the power she has in Japan that enables such collaborations to even be taking place. Who else do you think would make good collab music with Miku given a chance? Me, I’d actually like to see her team up with… X Japan (Impossible as that may be).