Hatsune Miku’s Family Is Getting A Little Bigger With These Twins



The Vocaloid family gets new injections of Vocaloids every now and then. This time, it’s twins Anon and Kanon, both high school girls aged 18. While they share the same likes, including dancing and bread, it’s pretty clear that Anon (who’s the short haired lass) is the more innocent while Kanon always seems to have a spunky smirk on her face. That white/black imagery can’t be accidental.


The girls are part of the newest Vocaloid program that will be released by Yamaha, and have slightly different voice modulations that set them apart, yet capture a real sense of harmony. Anon’s innocence might stem from the fact she’s a bit of an air-head, but she really loves dance and really loves her sister as well. Kanon, though, is the older sister who’s begun to worry about what her ditzy sister’s future will be like.


You can have a listen of the sample track at their official site as well as some shots of the twins, and check out more of the illustrator Hakuri’s works on Pixiv here.


Anon.Kanon will be available from March 3rd as a download, and shortly thereafter as a physical boxed set.