Hayate the Combat Butler Perfect Edition Will Have 27 Volumes

Hayate the Combat Butler Perfect Edition
Image via Shogakukan

A Perfect Edition series of Hayate the Combat Butler will start coming out from June 16, 2023 in Japan. It is open for pre-order, as either a digital copy or a physical one, via Shogakukan’s website. It’ll cost 1980 JPY (around $14.20) and have 416 pages. In total, there will be 27 volumes of Hayate the Combat Butler Perfect Edition. [Thanks, Manga Mogura RE!]

All volumes of the Perfect Edition will have new covers. New extras include a new 16-page omake manga, two special cards, restored color pages from serialization, and a 26-page gallery section. There were 52 volumes in the manga’s original run. So it seems that the Perfect Edition will combine tankobon together into a single book.

Since the manga’s conclusion in 2017, there are over twenty million copies of Hayate the Combat Butler in circulation. The manga started in 2004. That means that it’s been almost twenty years since it began to appear in Weekly Shonen Sunday. Hayate the Combat butler is a gag manga about the titular Hayate, who works as a butler for rich little girl Nagi Sanzenin as the result of a misunderstanding. In Weekly Shonen Sunday’s Heroine Grand Prix poll in 2023, some people voted for Nagi and Hinagiku, putting them in the Top 30 of the list.

Volume 1 of Hayate the Combat Butler Perfect Edition will be available in Japan from June 16, 2023. Since Viz has not yet finished translating the original manga series, it’s unknown when the Western reader base will see an official localization for the Perfect Edition.

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