Hazelnut Bastille Demo Looks To Satisfy That Link To The Past Itch

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A demo has released for Hazelbut Bastille, letting players experience its top-down dungeon crawling, Link to the Past-inspired visuals, open world filled with hidden adventure, and clever, puzzle-like bosses.


Hazelnut Bastille stars a young woman heading to an unknown shore on the edge of the world, seeking out “…the promised gifts of mythological ancients.” In doing so, she’ll search throughout a large, open world where she can find hidden palaces, buried dungeons, and lost treasures using an array of weapons and tools. Players familiar with earlier entries in the Legend of Zelda franchise will be immediately familiar with many of its combat and exploration mechanics, which draw heavily from the series.


After a month of closed beta testing, the developers of Hazelnut Bastille are opening up the demo to any player who wishes to try it. This demo will be continually updated as the developers work away, and will offer a constant stream of new locations and things to play around with so players can get a taste of their 16-bit vision.

Interested players can download the demo from Hazelnut Bastille’s site.

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