Heal A Broken Family Through Soothing Their Nightmares In Lucid Dream


    Lucy’s mother is all she has left, and she is sick, seemingly afflicted by an evil within her. While Lucy may be confined to her wheelchair, she is free to help her mother by exploring her subconscious, meeting the surreal beings that exist with her dreams, and banishing the demons in her mind in adventure game Lucid Dream.


    Players will follow Lucy into a colorful, but still troubling dream world throughout Lucid Dream. There, she will move through various fantasy worlds and meet the otherworldly beings who live there, dealing with the personifications of her mother’s woes (and some of her own). Should she be unable to solve things there, she can return to her own world to progress as well, but is a dark, grim, and depressing place, and she and her mother do not have long before their dreams overcome them.

    While in either realm, players will need to work toward solving puzzles that will assist the various beings of these worlds. In doing so, they can explore the symbolism of the beings and the story that’s not directly being told, while also solving problems that bridge across two different realities.


    Lucid Dream is available now on Steam Early Access.

    Alistair Wong
    Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!

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