Hearthstone Designer Expresses Interest In A Nintendo Switch Version



Blizzard’s popular card game, Hearthstone, first released on PC three years ago, and a little later to smartphones. Now fans of the game are speculating if the title will make the jump to the newly-released Nintendo Switch.


Hearthstone’s senior game designer Mike Donais recently spoke with Express Online and the possibility of a Switch version came up. Donais had the following to say:


“I personally haven’t talked about it but I’m more focused on card design. Hearthstone is available on iPads and phones, so it’s a good discussion worth having.”


Previously, the game’s director Jeff Kaplan took part in a Reddit AMA during which he noted that,a Switch version of Overwatch would be “very challenging,” he nonetheless said that the team is “always open minded about exploring possible platforms.”


Hearthstone is available for PC, iOS and Android devices.