Heavenrend Closed, Vtubers Haruna Swift and Rurumi Yumemi Graduate
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Heavenrend Closed, Vtubers Haruna Swift and Rurumi Yumemi Graduate

Heavenrend, a Vtuber agency in the US, announced that it will close following the graduation of its two remaing members Haruna Swift and Rurumi Yumemi. It will shut down on July 15, 2024. 

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Here is Heavenrend’s closure notice:

This means the agency will remain open for the two Vtubers’ final streams. Rurumi will graduate first on July 13, 2024. She didn’t offer an explanation for her decision to stop streaming. However, in her final message she did express thanks for her fans and people she worked with. She also confirmed she will hold one last stream on her graduation date. A schedule for her activities from July 1-7, 2024 appeared on her social media account.

Haruna will graduate on July 14, 2024, and she shared a four-page graduation letter on her social media account. In it, she went over her struggles with mental health and as a Vtuber, while also expressing thanks for those who supported her both at the company and online. She clarified that while her VODs will remain, her social media, Twitch, and X will become inactive and the Heavenrend Discord will close. She didn’t post a schedule like Rurumi did, as back in December 2023 she mentioned taking a break from that.

The Vtuber agency Heavenrend consisted of four performers. In addition to Haruna Swift and Rurumi Yumemi, Juliet Winters and Km0d0 were a part of the company. Km0d0 graduated back in February 2022, before Rurumi debuted in June 2022. Juliet later left in October 2022. 

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