Hello Kitty Kruisers Is The Racing Game You Never Knew You Needed… Till Now


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Word of Hello Kitty Kruisers, a kart-racing title featuring the iconic Hello Kitty and her friends racing through the mean streets of the city, has been circulating since its initial, mysterious cover art was leaked by a posting on Newegg around August this year. But then, there was silence.


Bergsala Lightweight weren’t saying anything, and neither, it seemed, was anyone else. (We emailed them!) The game had a November tentative release date, but was promptly forgotten by all. No more! We’ve now got confirmation that the game is real and will be out on Nintendo’s Wii U, iOS and Android by the end of the year, brought on by developers Scarab Entertainment.


Hello Kitty Krusiers will feature ten of Sanrio’s classic characters, such as Badtz-Maru, Keroppi (who made frogs cool way earlier than Keroro Gunso aka Sgt Frog) and My Melody. It will also allow for racing on not just land, but air and sea as well. There will be adventure, quick play, and tournament single-player modes as well as multiplayer.




Additionally, it will also be possible to unlock more characters, vehicles and power-ups by completing objectives and earning stars while playing through the different tracks. A press release for the game states the following:


Zoom through sixteen unique tracks in five distinct worlds (like Island Paradise, Icicle Alley and more). Complete objectives, earn stars and unlock bonus content as you race through twenty tricky tracks in adventure mode.


We’re not sure if that means we’ve got 16, 20 or 36 different racing tracks actually playable—though it’s likely to be just 20.


If you have kids or loved ones who happen to adore Hello Kitty (Like many Singaporeans in a recent Hello Kitty craze) this might be the perfect Christmas gift.

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