Help A Dead Girl Find Her Place In Exil’s Strange World



French game creator Fabrice Piquet has released an NSFW trailer for their upcoming 3D platformer Exil. It’s one of the strangest introductions to a game idea you’ll probably see.


To make it less strange, here’s an overview of Exil’s plot: You play as a young girl called Lena who committed suicide, and then awakens in the world of the dead, where she is guided by a voice to discover her place within this world and get back her lost memories.


The story aside, what Exil is all about is experiencing acrobatic freedom around huge levels – dark and huge castles, vast deserts, and huge vertical cliff faces to scale. Lena is able to wall jump, wall run, and perform otherworldly feats as she climbs the game’s massive levels. And, with it being the world of the dead, you can expect to find husks of people with dried up flesh – whether they’ll be friendly or hostile is unknown at this point.



In fact, not too much more is known about Exil yet but its twisted world alone seems to warrant keeping an eye on it. You can find more in-development shots from Exil on its website.

Chris Priestman