Help A Monster Girl Survive A Flooded City In Sea Of Solitude

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Sea of Solitude is only in the prototype stage right now but it’s already very striking. It’s an episodic adventure about a girl called Kay who has turned into a black monster and ventures around a flooded city in a boat to find out what happened to her.


Unfortunately for Kay, these clear waters are occupied by huge fish – swimming monsters with large maws – that she needs to be quiet around to avoid being detected by. This much is known as a gigantic crow that Kay meets tells her so, and it seems that these monsters may only appear when the weather becomes noticeably stormy.


Kay isn’t bound to the boat, though. She can swim in the waters if she dares, and sometimes she may have to in order to clear the way, moving across the sunken buildings to move obstructions, and solve other puzzles.


“On her search to change, she soon finds out that her biggest enemy are not the huge monsters that she meets on her way through the Sea of Solitude, but something way more dangerous,” writes the game’s creator Jo-Mei Games. What other themes the studio intends to explore with Sea of Solitude as hinted here will have to be found out a later date.


For now, check out the website for more images, as well as those below.






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