Help A Witch Sell Oddball Knick Knacks In Yard Tale


Yard Tale is about a witch selling some of the odd items she’s in possession of, gaining precious candy in trade for some bizarre (and sometimes crying) knick knacks.


Yard Tale sets the player free at their yard sale, tasking them with matching up customers with the proper items in order to make a good sale. Doing this will net the witch candy, which is good in and of itself, but candy can also be traded with another odd creature in the garage for some unlockable clothing items so player’s can customize their sales-witch.

Having all of these neighbors around gives the player a good opportunity to get to know them as well, as players can stop and talk to the people who show up to learn what they’re like (or cast spells on them to change their appearances and mess with them a bit). They can also learn more about the witch by picking up the items she has for sale, seeing her collection of creatures and video games to figure out what she likes.


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Alistair Wong
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