Help A Bear Lead An Army & Cause Massive Destruction In Barbearian


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A bear hero finds themselves transported to an odd world, one they’ll have to fight through using their axe, some found weapons that have catastrophic effects on the battlefield, and an army they slowly raise in Barbearian.


Barbearian offers over one hundred levels of large-scale combat, pitting a tough old bear against huge armies and swaths of foes. To defeat them, the bear will have access to a handy axe that can cut down many enemies, but they can also pick up new weapons they discover. These new tools will offer varied abilities, many of which can cut down dozens of enemies (and huge chunks of the environment) at once, letting the player really wreck havoc on the field and the creatures within it.

Players do not have to face this battle alone, as they can rescue prisoners that are strewn throughout each map. These free creatures will express their gratitude by joining the player, giving them a little AI entourage that will also tackle any enemies who try to get in the player’s way. These backup fighters will be especially handy during the fights against the game’s huge bosses, where the player will need as much help as they can muster.


Barbearian is scheduled to release in Summer of 2018, according to its Steam page.

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