Help A Cute Machine Uncover Its Buried Past In A Small Robot Story

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A Small Robot Story is an adventure platformer about a cute little robot trying to figure out why it reactivated on a pile of garbage, and what events lead to it being left there.


A Small Robot Story will have players guiding Rae, the game’s mechanical protagonist, across forests, factories, and labs, shooting the hostile wildlife and robots within while it searches for the answers about its existence and activation. A few handy power-ups hidden in secret places will make that journey a little easier, but beyond them, players will have to be quick with their shooting and jumping to stay out of the way of the dangerous devices out to get them.

A Small Robot Story places an emphasis on story with its Ninja Gaiden-like cutscenes, offering detailed pixel images to go along with the narrative as it unfolds.


A Small Robot Story is available now on and Steam.

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