Help A Lovable Rogue Get Back Their Treasure In Sneaky Sneaky



Sneaky Sneaky is a new strategic stealth adventure that’s now available to purchase on Steam for Windows and Mac.


You play as Sneaky, a rather adorably little rogue, who is ambushed while returning from the heist of a lifetime. Once Sneaky escapes the irony of the situation, there’s only one thing for it, and that is to track down the thieves and get the treasure back.


What ensues is a stealth game in which you need to sneak through shadows and dash to cover to avoid being seen. If you are spotted then it’s not the end of the world as you’ll enter a turn-based encounter where you’ll need to shoot and stab your way out of peril.


There’s no single solution through each of the levels so you’re encourages to experiment with Sneaky’s tools and abilities. Speaking of which, you’re able to upgrade Sneaky to become a more proficient thief across the duration of the journey.


You can purchase Sneaky Sneaky on Steam right now. Check out its website for more details.

Chris Priestman