Help A Sleep-Walking Girl Find Her Way Home

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Solo developer Rook has released a Windows demo of her Gothic Americana adventure game Fallow.


Fallow follows the strange happenings of farmhand Isabelline Fallo as she sleepwalks during the night, awakening in a new location each morning, and having to make her way back home through the surreal rural lands of Fallow.


The background story of Fallow goes that the Dynen are coming back, which are ancient creatures of stone that drove the people out of Fallow in years previous. Whether that’s true or not is something we’ll find out in the full game.



During each morning homeward journey, Isabelline struggles to see through the hallucinations that her unstable mind conjures up. These hallucinations translate to simple puzzles and spooky events that you’ll have to work your way through.


You can get a taste of this in the demo, which is free download on right now.

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