Best Fire Emblem Engage Rafal Classes, Skills, and Emblem Rings

Helpful Fire Emblem Engage Rafal Classes, Skills, and Emblem Rings

Congratulations! You beat the Fire Emblem Engage Fell Xenologue and added Rafal, formerly known as Nil, to your party. You now have access to a Fell Child who can use an axe or transform into a dragon to attack, which is pretty cool. But you might be curious about possible other classes for Rafal in Fire Emblem Engage, as well as some skills for him to learn or Emblem Rings to equip. I’ve been experimenting with the character and have a few suggestions you could consider.

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Possible Rafal Classes in Fire Emblem Engage

Okay, so, keeping Rafal as a Fell Child is a pretty good idea once you have inherited skills for him, because he can use Dragonstones. Given Nel and him are the only people who can transform, being able to fall back on and use that isn’t a bad idea! Especially since at level 25, he learns Spur Emblems, which fills the engage meters of all allies around him by one when each player phase turn begins.

Rafal really focuses on strength, dexterity, speed, and defense when you first get him, and his growth rates are best in those four stats. He also has Rivalry as his personal skill, which increases his critical rate by 10 every time an ally within two spaces defeats an enemy. So ideally you want him to act after everyone else and be around other people.

This means you may want to pursue classes and skills that help boost those stats and increase his offensive capabilities. If you’re okay with things being “weird” for him for a while, reclassing him as a Sniper to learn No Distractions could be fun, since it’d mean further increasing his odds of landing critical hits.

You could also go with classes that play into his already great strength, dexterity, and speed. Rafal as a Swordmaster could be fun. He could also become a Hero. You could also send him down the Thief or Wolf Knight tracks to switch things up.

Possible Rafal Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

So, Rafal works best when going on the offense. His defense stat isn’t bad, but the other elements mean it would probably benefit you more if you went for as much damage as possible, rather than acting as a tank. If you pair him up with Leif, Quadruple Hit can be handy. So could Adaptable for dealing with attacks, Arms Shield to take advantage of weapon advantages, and Vantage for countering. Marth is also handy, thanks to skills like Perceptive to increase avoidance, Break Defenses to deal more damage, Divine Speed to deal an extra attack, and Lodestar Rush. It also might not hurt to try using Chrom and Robin, with their Surprise Attack, Giga Levin Sword, and Other Half, with Rafal.

Possible Rafal Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

Here are a few I’ve been considering and working toward teaching Rafal. All of them boost his already innate skills and might assist you as well?

  • Arms Shield++: 600 SP and level 16 bond with Leif. “When unit has weapon advantage, unit takes 7 less damage.”
  • Decisive Strike+: 1,000 SP and level 18 bond with Camilla. “If unit initiates combat and lands a critical, deals 10 damage to foe after combat.”
  • Perceptive: 250 SP and level 16 bond with Marth. “If the unit initiates combat, grants Avo+30 during combat. Avo increases with high Spd.”
  • Surprise Attack: 3,000 SP and level 5 bond with Chrom. “If unit initiates combat from terrain that provides an Avo bonus, foe cannot counterattack.”
  • Vantage++: 2,000 SP and level 19 bond with Leif. “If unit’s HP is 75% or less and foe initiates combat, unit can counter before foe’s first attack.”

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the Fell Xenologue DLC.

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